P.A.W.S. Mobile Unit

Can’t come to the shelter? We can come to your event!

P.A.W.S. Mobile Unit is a multifunctional vehicle, and thanks to a grant from Horseshoe Casino and public donations, can be used for disaster response, spay/neuter, or offsite adoptions. Outfitted to be self-contained, it can come to your event with adoptable animals. This vehicle gets booked quickly and is available to attend almost any event, but New Albany, IN events get priority. With its great graphics and paint job we think it really stands out and “barks” and is a real crowd pleaser! For more information please contact us at (812) 948-5355.

Please understand that extreme weather conditions, hot, cold, or severe weather, may lead to cancellations, or dogs only attending your adoption event! We must always consider the health and safety of the animals first!