Furbaby Foster Application

Thank you so much for your interest in fostering to help save lives!

Every foster scenario can be different from the one before, but we do our best to provide supplies as needed for the foster families to use during their fostering experience.

Please keep in mind that while fostering is very rewarding and positive, it can also be difficult emotionally, as most fosters are some of our most vulnerable population. If you do decide to foster, it is okay to set boundaries on what you are and are not comfortable with. You may also donate supplies if you are unable to foster yourself!

Once this form is submitted, a member of the NAFC Foster Team will contact you with any follow-up questions. Fosters will then be contacted on an as the need arises.

Fostered Pets

Fosters may need to be kept separate from home pets for safety, disease exposure, or for stress purposes.
We understand that long-term fosters can be very difficult emotionally, mentally and physically; and that it is okay if you are not able to do long term!

Home Pets